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100 and 150 Ton Bossman Jacks


Duff-Norton’s 100 and 150 ton Bossman Jacks are designed for jacking mining and construction equipment for maintenance. Sturdy steel frame with three large pneumatic tires and swiveling handle for easy maneuverability. Pneumatic tires flatten under load to allow base to contract floor.

50 Ton Capacity Bossman Jacks


A Bossman jack for the railroad industry! The same sturdy construction as the 100 and 150 ton jacks, This 50 ton Bossman delivers a compact two-wheel design, perfect for tighter spaces.

20 to 100 Ton Air Motor Jacks

Duff-Norton Air Motor Jack

Duff-Norton Air Motor Jacks are offered in seven models from 20 ton to 100 ton. These precision built, sturdy, dependable machines employee the time-tested basic screw principle with fool-proof, built-in rotary air motor. These Jacks can be synchronized for simultaneous operation through use of a “Y” connection. Used for raising and lowering freight cars, diesel locomotives and truck trailers.